Welcome educators, academics, parents, policy makers and any one interested in education. This page is designed to explain, explore, and plan the future of education.

My hope is to help educators move beyond what education has been traditionally viewed as, classrooms with a subject matter expert teacher sending one directional information to students who will later be given a standardized assessment to regurgitate that information. Rather, we intend to explore what “true education” is, looks like and can be. This will explore both academic research into different areas such as learning, teaching, assessment, pedagogy, and more as well as exploring the real life experiences and application of these theories and research.

In addition to being a source for educational practice recommendations, this site will be a portfolio for me, Kelvin Childress.

My hope is to be on the forefront of what education could be, in a truly perfect world, and leading other educators in that direction.

Please reach out to me with any questions, comments, or ideas.

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Final Formative Assessment Design 3.0 The Path to True Education

In my first formative assessment I came up with a unique idea for an end of unit assessment, which I believe is unique, individualized and highly inquiry based.  I have taken a shift in my planning for my formative assessment away from a specialized assessment for a specific unit, and rather towards a whole new way of … Continue reading Final Formative Assessment Design 3.0 The Path to True Education

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