Networked Learning Project 1

As a new learning experience, I’ve been asked to choose a task that I want to learn, and to do it purely as a networked learning project.  This means that I can’t use traditional learning methods (books, guide books, structured classes, tutor, etc.), but rather to learn purely from forums and YouTube videos.  This intrigues me, and challenges me, so I am really excited to see how it goes.  As with everything true motivation must be present, and beyond the grade my motivation is at a high level because it involves my family.

This type of learning is often referred to as “connected learning” and it is learning that is “socially embedded, interest-driven, and oriented toward educational, economic, or political opportunity” (Ito, Mizuko, p. 4, 2013).  Research has shown that connected learning is beneficial by creating new possible learning pathways, increased interest and engagement, and by expanding information access and experience access (Ito, Mizuko, p. 87, 2013).  This shows the importance and benefit of this form of learnning that I am excited to partake in.

In 2007 I met the girl of my dreams, and I was lucky enough to marry her 4 years later.  She is from Malta, a small country in the Mediterranean sea, and she has always wished for me to be able to speak Maltese, one of her two native languages.  At the start of our marriage, I tried to learn some, but never fully committed to it.  Now we have two daughters who are growing up, and seeing her struggle to teach them to be bilingual makes me realize how much of this is my fault for never learning her language.

That being said, I am committing to learning Maltese, as much and as soon as possible, but that is not an appropriate goal.  So, my goal is by January 18th, her birthday, I will be able to go through an entire day only speaking Maltese.  This is going to be accomplished solely through YouTube, and online communities.  I will need to gauge my progress, so by the third blog I post (4 weeks from now approximately) I will have learned, at minimum, 80 words, and the ability to combine them into sentence form.

Please come back and see how things go, and hopefully in 4 weeks you will find a video post from me speaking in fluid Maltese, albeit probably at a low level.


Ito, M., Gutierrez, K., Livingstone, S., Penuel, B., Rhodes, J., Salen, K., Schor, J., Sefton-Green, J., Watkins, S. C.  (2013). Connected Learning: an agenda for Research and Design.  Retrieved from


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