Workflow Management

David Allen discusses in his book the steps involved in workflow, and breaks them down into the steps of writing things down, clarifying outcomes, deciding next actions, organizing things, reviewing, and action ( Allen, p. 80, 2001).  When you clearly think about the steps, every one of them is manageable and can be achieved.  We were tasked with using various tools to see how they can impact our workflow.

I love to be efficient and effective with my work, and therefore this was an exciting task for me.  I decided to compare Google Docs, Evernote, and Google Keep.  With all of them you can access them from multiple devices, and collect your information, and even organize them.  These products are able to help you with every single step, with practice, and each have unique features, but it comes down to which is more connected to how you work and think.  For me, Google Keep was the winner, because access to it on my phone was easier, and the layout fit better with my way of thinking.  It allowed me to collect, organize, and review easily and efficiently, greatly increasing my output and decreasing my stress about forgetting something.


Allen, David. (2001). Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. New York,             New York, USA.

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