Hey everyone,

This week in my class we learned about TPACK, and the way’s this may impact teaching.  We got to experience this with an assignment involving cooking, where I had to use a chopstick to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  It was exemplified what Kereluek and his peers discussed in their paper (2011) that TPACK has an outlook that teachers should be able to adapt their teaching and the technologies they have available to suit any situation and be successful regardless of current technological trends.   The video attached below shows how, even though I had tools not perfectly suited for my task I was able to adapt and make the situation successful.



I hope that I am able to utilize this teaching pedagogy as I go forward in my educational career.  I want to have a deep understanding of all technologies I can use to apply to my teaching, and I want to be able to be capable of using whatever technologies I have available to adapt and overcome any situation that may arise over time.  I hope to be able to constantly be growing and improving and over that process I plan to share my experiences here with y’all.


Feel free to let me know your experience with TPACK, or adapting to situations with technology.


Kereluik, K., Mishra, P. & Koehler, M.J. (2011). On learning to subvert signs: Literacy, technology and the TPACK framework. The California Reader, 44(2), 12-18.

2 thoughts on “TPACK ASSIGNMENT

  1. Kevin,

    While reading through the tasks last week I thought to myself some one is going to get chopsticks and have to spread peanut butter. It’s funny that it happened to be you! I loved the point you brought up about learning with your students. I tell my students all the time that I am always learning from them and that we come to school to learn together. I wonder if we did an activity like this with our students if they would have thought of a completely different way to complete these tasks. You brought up great points and I enjoyed watching your video!


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