Makers, one and all!

Isn’t it funny when life lines up in so many different ways?

This week in CEP 811 we had the task of exploring maker culture and the different ways we can interpret this.  I watched a TED talk about how we all are makers, explored many individuals who are makers in the educational world like John Dewey and Maria Montessori, and listened to Kirby Ferguson discuss how “Everything is a Remix“.  This got me thinking about my teaching and how regularly I remix technology, educational tools, knowledge and many other things in my life and career.

Right on cue to this at work I was asked to make a new program and found myself using already created templates and curriculum to “remix” my own program.  It just pushed this message farther in to me that we all are makers, and the benefit of remixing.

In addition to learning about maker culture and remixing we were asked to make a video about remixing using WeVideo.  This was a fun project, and I used it as an opportunity to help show the history of basketball for my PE class.

My video explores the history of basketball, and its evolution over time.  Basketball was made by a Dr. James Naismith, but actually was a remix of a childhood game he played called Duck on the Rock.  Over time the game has been constantly remixed, with the rules being alterred, with the game changing, and it will continue to change.  Please see my first WeVideo attempt below!


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