CEP 811

At the start of CEP 811 I told my wife “Great, it seems like I am going to be making a robot!” followed by some laughs.  This made me worried, and confused as to how this would really help me in my teaching career and teaching toolbox.  Quickly I realized how amazing it would be to be able to constantly be “remixing” everything I come across into a tool for my classes.  My Makey Makey kit then flipped the switch completely in my mind as I realized that thinking outside the box opens a whole new world of tools for me.
Now I am trying to find new ways to integrate tools (whether technology, or teaching tips) into my teaching plan in new “remixed” ways, and it has become a fun and challenging task.  I even get my students involved regularly to increase their engagement, and let them buy in to the experience more.


In retrospect, what I initially thought would be a boring, sluggish class actually became exciting and opened my eyes to some current practical improvements I can make in my classroom.

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