Rethinking Education Infographic

This week I was working with a colleague on my wicked problem of rethinking education.  We explored what this meant to us, and many different aspects of it. After research and discussion we came to an agreement on a few key defining questions we can use to explore this problem.

  1. Why do we evaluate employees based on skills, abilities, and soft skills, but evaluate students based on memory?
  2. Why do we have standardised tests for pre college?
  3. Why do schools not encourage questioning?
  4. Why does it seem like many of the changes are easy/obvious but so difficult to catch on?

We feel these questions will help us take a full picture view of things that need to be addressed in a new education system.  These questions will help us to guide our progress to new solutions.  We want to look at all of the key players involved in the educational system, and all of the problems that need to be addressed and then start to look into how we can start to make changes to improve it.

In addition I put together an infographic to show some of the areas of concern or areas to be addressed that we discussed.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, as a wicked question like this is very involved, and deep.


In the infographic you can see some of the areas of concern we see, such as standardized assessments.  I also highlight skills we should be focusing on creating (skills employers want, and skills that can’t be automated).


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