How prepared are we?

The past few weeks I have been exploring teaching, and how we could rethink teaching to better suit the 21st century educational experience.   Is the current method of teaching truly preparing students for the 21st century job market, and the life they will experience.  This is a huge topic and I wanted to come up with some action stepst to move forward with actually improving how we teach, and the structure around teaching to take steps towards a better education system.  I am exploring solutions that develop soft skills in students that are desired by employers and are unable to be automated in the future, making them necessary now and in the future.  Some of these skills, which employers see as valuable, include critical thinking, group  collaboration, empathy, creativity, judgement, physical skills, etc.  I am exploring how pedagogy, content and technology can be used to create a teaching structure to teach, evaluate, and monitor students based on these skills while still providing the needed measurables to keep teachers, and schools, accountable.

To better understand the action steps I have to understand the status of more teachers than just myself.  Every teacher has a different situation, and a different belief, so I created a short survey that helps me to understand more about the situation for other teachers.  Please take a short moment to fill out this survery for me. Thanks!



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