Wicked Problem Group Work

Over the past few weeks I have been working with a partner on rethinking teaching.  This has been an extremely fun and important task we have been doing.  We took the wicked problem of Rethinking Teaching and shifted it into a few more managable beautiful questions that we then researched and discovered a few great solutions to these problems.I would love to explain it all out here, but even better, we put together a great presentation that walks through this very thing!  Please take a minute to look through our presentation, and give me any feedback.


As you see in the video above we explored some of the solutions to rethink teaching.  These key solutions we believe are optimal to discuss are using rubrics to assess learning rather than traditional or standardized tests; using a variety of technologies to support teaching in an appropriate manner; and focusing on inquiry based teaching and critical thinking for all students.  These few steps will not completely fix teaching, but will go a long way in improving the teaching we provide to better fit the world we live in right now.  We used so many different references for this throughout the entire process (including our own personal surveys) so if you want to discuss or explore any of the things we spoke about please reach out to me, I would love to speak more!



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