Questioning For Life

This week rather than focusing on answers, I read A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger and explored how questioning was essential to improvement in any area you are focusing on.  I explored the various types of questions, and then selected a wicked problem associated to education and explored this with a group.  This was an eye opening experience and extremely beneficial, and will influence my teaching greatly.

I read through an article from Thomas L. Friedman about how technology is changing the world in all ways, and how it has created a huge need for individuals to have “Passion Quotient” and “Creativity Quotient” for individuals to keep growing and improving constantly.  This matched perfectly with my reflections on the past course and how this has (and will) impact my teaching.

So I took all this in as I was reflecting on my teaching and it led me to challenge what I have been doing, and what I can be doing in my job. I created this little presentation to explore exactly this!

Hopefully exploring this you can see some of the ways I started questioning my own working, and can think of ways you can apply this to your own world, whether it is teaching or not!


Berger, W. (2014). A more beautiful question: the power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas. Bloomsbury.

Friedman, T. L. (2013, January 29). Opinion | It’s the P.Q. and C.Q. as Much as the I.Q. Retrieved February 19, 2018, from

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