Assessing Khan Academy

I am currently using to support my classroom teaching.  It has been very beneficial to both me and my students.  Below I am going to go through a lot of the various features on the website and their relation to assessment.

Videos- This feature provides videos describing the desired content to be covered.  This affords students the ability to watch the recorded video multiple times, pausing and rewatching any areas that are difficult multiple times while taking notes.  This is important for assessment in more than one way.  First it is utilized for learners to engage with content and learn new material or review previously learned material. Second it gives visual representation of content that has been covered by adding a checkmark after the video has been watched.  Some missed areas for opportunity would include the inclusion of feedback within the video or hyperlinking more detailed content within each video.

Articles- This feature provides written articles that cover different content areas.  This affords students a chance to read and learn on specific content at their own pace.  This is connected to assessment of learning by giving a check for completion by learners.  Added assessment could be utilized by assessing the level of knowledge of the article provided.

Exercises- This feature provides an opportunity for a learner to assess their knowledge in a variety of different ways.  Exercises include questions in a variety of formats and provide immediate feedback on correct or incorrect with the option to find help in the form of articles or videos explaining the  content.  When individual problems are completed correctly learners are informed and at the end of an exercise a level of comprehension is given, with the opportunity to reattempt the exercise, relearn content, or move on.  This is a great opportunity for assessment as it directly measures knowledge, gives feedback and allows opportunity for reflection and revision.

Quizes- This feature is similar to that of the the exercise, but is conducted at the end of a unit.

Parent Dashboard- This feature allows parents to observe the learning and progress their child is attaining.  This is impactful as it provides feedback to those involved in the learner, and helps to encourage reflection and revisions for the learners.  The constraints of this are limited by the motivation and involvement of the parents, howevero.

Teacher Dashboard- This feature is specific for educators and is used to establish classes within the website.  This allows educators to monitor the entire class they have all in one place.   This feature is great for assessment within the school and for tracking and modifying instruction to better fit student knowledge.  Below are some of the features within this dashboard.

Content Tab- This feature allows an educator to assign different content directly to students for completion by a certain date.  This content can then be monitored by the educator for completion.  The assigned subjects are broken down into units and order and can easily be viewed or searched for.  This is great for assessment because it allows educators to assign, monitor and adjust the education being provided.

Assignment Tab- This feature allows an educator to monitor the completion of assignments that have been assigned to students split into a variety of methods, either by student or assignment.  It can be sorted by due date and order.  This allows educators to measure knowledge of content by students.

Progress Tab- This feature allows an educator to monitor the progress of completion of skills by the whole class or individual level.  This displays this as a percentage both for the student as well as various skills that are desired for learning.  It shows a spread of knowledge.  This is related to assessment well as it gives an insight into both the knowledge of an entire class as well as individual students which provides good feedback to an educator to inform instruction more deeply.

Activity Tab- This feature informs an educator as to the amount of time spent on each given video, article, and assignment.  This in conjunction with how they do on each activity gives a fully in-depth measurement of knowledge by a student.  The implication on assessment this feature has is it better directs educators towards better instruction.

Badges- This feature that gives learners encouragement or motivation for continuing to learn in the future.  These features help create positive encouragement for students to continue learning and are used for shaping the learning of students.  Its implication on assessment is that it encourages better learning and more progress in the content.

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