Algebra Video Game

This week I have been exploring semiotic domains and what this means in relation to language.  I am personally in a variety of different semiotic domains that are overlapping and interact.  One of the semiotic domains I am involved in are the subjects I teach to include mathematics and science.  Another different semiotic domain I am a part of includes the UK education system.  Each of these domains comes with it’s own set of internal grammar to include GCSE, marking, variables, mixtures, etc.  A variety of terms are different within the semiotic domain’s that I am in as opposed to when externally viewed.

While exploring a video game assessment ideas I am thinking about how this can be applied to my teaching practice.  I am thinking about designing a video game that would assess students knowledge and skill in basic algebraic expression solutions.  This would be done by creating a variety of questions on different levels of comprehension.  I would then take these different questions and include them in a game that is designed for my students to test their ability to complete different algebra equation problems.

This would fit well into my overall assessment plan for my course.  This includes a variety of tasks where students would be assessed on their ability to utilize the skills they learn in class to calculate variables.  This game would be a good way to assess what circumstances they are able to successfully complete and which they aren’t, and give me a gauge of what level they are on.  I then could use this game as a future repeat activity, as well as use it to individualize future lesson content based on the level of achievement each student reaches.

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