Twine Algebra Game!

Algebra Game

Recently I have been exploring using gamification in assessment.  I came up with an idea for an algebra video game to employ in my mathematics classroom.  This explored the language associated with semiotic domains.  I am teaching a math class that uses very specific internal and external grammar.  Some of the grammar that is used within this domain includes variable, expression, simplify, and like terms.  These words have an internal meaning that may be similar, at times, to external meanings, but in most cases they are very different.

The game I am developing will utilize scenarios where some terms could have multiple meanings and the user will need to show their ability to accurately apply the correct definition to it.  An example of this would be using the term expression which means an expression built up from integer constants, variables, and the algebraic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and exponentiation by an exponent that is a rational number), but the scenario could allow for confusion using the definition more commonly used in normal life.  The scenarios will highlight the internal grammar in a real world scenario.

The game that I created can be evaluated against my Assessment checklist which I will do below.

How will this assessment inform instruction/curriculum/teaching?

This assessment would inform instruction by showing what areas students were most gifted at and what areas they struggled with.  Their would be a variety of different forms of questions and would be able to see what amount of understanding they have on many of the different tasks they learned throughout the unit.  Additionally it would allow me to help students make connections to real life as the scenario would show real life (albeit some times strained) circumstances.

How will this assessment highlight different individual’s knowledge (variation/individualized)?

This question is not well addressed by the assessment, but does offer the ability to show some individualization.  The students are given opportunities to make their own choices that aren’t just correct or incorrect, and also are given a variety of opportunities on their questions.

What level of knowledge does this assessment measure (Bloom’s Taxonomy)?

The level of bloom’s taxonomy that this would utilize is at the level of apply.  This scenario puts the content into real life scenarios and requires a higher level of critical thinking, then if it was simply displayed mathematically.

Does this assessment provide an adequate understanding of a student’s true and complete knowledge, to allow optimal, full feedback?

This assessment measures knowledge fairly well, and gives a chance to have a more deep analysis of students knowledge.  The shortfall of this assessment, though, is the length and quantity of questions.  I wish I could create more opportunities for them to show their knoweldge in varying levels, but it is not plausible because of the flow of the game and amount of time it takes to do this therefore it will be done outside of this assessment.

Does this assessment allow appropriate reflection by students and educators?

This assessment allows time for reflection by students more so than educators as they get feedback on varying schedules.  Some of these questions give immediate feedback on correct or incorrect, but others require them to wait to the end to realize correct or incorrect, but still allows them to have time to reflect on it before class.

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