Review of Lacrosse Twine game

I am looking into how some of my classmates completed their Twine game, which led me to a classmate who created a game for Lacrosse.  Since I am a certified physical education teacher, but not specifically experienced or knowledgeable with lacrosse I am confident I will have moderate success with this game based on my background knowledge, before actually participating.

After participating in this game, multiple times I am impressed with the level of involvement of the semiotic domain that was utilized.  The game was specifically tailored towards individuals with a moderate level of knowledge for lacrosse or greater, and would be extremely challenging for someone who doesn’t have this knowledge. I found myself able to successfully navigate the game, but found it challenging at times due to the high level of specificity and situational circumstances involved in the game.  If you don’t have a good level of knowledge you are left just guessing, or making “educated guesses” which c is useless for the user, but if you have a moderate level of knowledge it is extremely exciting to participate in it.

I found the game to be quite enjoyable, good visuals and varying situations which really engages the player. Some additional forms of multimedia would increase the engagement, such as video, or sound added to the text and pictures, but the flow of the game was highly engaging and exciting to participate in.

Based on my experience with the game I feel it does a good job of assessing a student’s knowledge of lacrosse, and allows for individualization as students can choose a variety of options and not be given just a yes or no, but a lot more intuitive responses specific to the individuals choices.  The amount of feedback given could be slightly higher, which would help the learning throughout the game, but overall it is successful at creating a good formative assessment.

I would be interested to see how this game is included within a broader curriculum, and would expect it to be most impactful as a “mid unit exam” that happens before full speed games begin to allow for preparation before on the field full game’s begin.

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