About Me

Greetings and thank you for coming by my webpage.  Whether you came by this page on purpose, or on accident, I hope you can gain something from my page.  My name is Kelvin Childress, and I am a Christian, father, husband, teacher, coach, sports lover, traveler, and many other things.  I have completed some of the best education courses in the world including the University of Texas where I received my Bachelors and Michigan State University where I am completing my Masters. Despite these two associations, I am a die hard Nebraska Husker football fan (Go Big Red)!!

This page explores a variety of things that relate technology, 21st century learning, teaching, and education. I am an educator, beyond any specific curriculum I focus on the practice of education. I am licensed in Physical Education, Science, and Mathematics, I have practiced in America, Europe, and Asia, I have worked in the AP system, IB system, and UK system. Having such varied experience and knowledge has given me a greater appreciation for a pursuit of “true education” and what this looks like, or should be. If you are interested, check out my resume.

Within education I have been a consumer, educator, leader, and parent, which gives me the unique perspective of seeing nearly a complete picture of what education is, and should be.

While by no means am I THE expert of educational technology I am going to be practicing, failing and learning my way through this, and sharing my experiences along the way. This site is intended to be a source for those of you who wish to join me in trying to revolutionize education beyond a set of measurements and barriers on students, to a place where everyone can reach their true potential. If you are interested in seeing my teaching philosophy, you can check it out here.