The Future for Me? The Future of Education!

Reflecting on my previous educational goals I can see how they have evolved over time. Looking forward in my educational journey I see on the horizon a new set of goals, some of these achievable and concrete, while others more continuous.  I believe that growth is continuous, especially in the field of education you must always be pushing forward, improving and growing.  I see myself wearing many different “hats” and therefore see my future growth in a multitude of ways.  First, I plan to improve my educator skills, by creating high quality, engaging content that fosters student’s to truly learn knowledge and develop skills to utilize this knowledge in a 21st century world. Second, I plan to develop my research skills, exploring evidence for best practices, and optimal methods of employing these best practice skills and tools.  Finally, I plan on improving my educational leadership skills, to include training others, leading departments, and other areas.  I’ve selected these areas as they are most important to my future success.

As an educator my job, passion, and calling all revolve around helping those in need.  I entered education because helping students achieve their best is very important to me. My goal is to establish a student centered, mastery learning curriculum, based on research proven best practices and strategies.  This curriculum will include a hybrid course independent inquiry project (you can see a preview below), as well as a self-paced mastery curriculum for mathematics.  All of this will be based on current research, and future research that gets published.  As a long-term follow on goal I would look to create connections for this curriculum outside of mathematics, making connections to science, English and other topics.  To measure the achievement of this goal I will monitor my student’s attainment, engagement, and motivation every year.

As an educational researcher my job is to explore education and discover what is evidence based and what isn’t regarding optimal education.  My passion as an educational researcher includes exploring best practice strategies and optimal employment of these within a secondary school.  Through a deep exploration of current research, and theory of learning, teaching and education, I intend to take this knowledge and create research environments that can test how to optimally educate students for true deep knowledge.  I desire to then use this knowledge and experience to help schools and school systems create an optimal learning environment for all learners.  To help guide me through this goal I have applied for an Educational Doctorate from UCL.  I intend to study a Student-Centered Mastery Learning environment and use the results to guide future research.  I will measure the achievement through my further education and by regularly reflecting on educational research.

As an educational leader my job is to lead educators, administrators, and anyone related to education in the creation or improvement of education.  My passion is to help improve all educational systems, and my goal is to become an educational consultant for other schools.  I believe that all students deserve an amazing education experience, and to make this happen I want to help fix any issues that currently exist in schools around the world. I plan on continuing to conduct professional development experiences in my current place of employment and going expanding to neighboring schools. Here is a link to a current PD I use with my school.  I already provide professional development within my department and growing this to the entire school or other schools over the next year will be how I measure progress in this goal.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man

Colossians 3:23

This is one of the verses I use to guide my life, and therefore any part of my life I believe I do the best I can.  This means that since I wear many hats as an educator, I believe I should push to be the best I can at all of them.  I believe education a tool for all students to use to achieve their absolute best.  The current education system has many flaws, and I believe I should pursue improving education for all involved.  Educators deserve to know evidence-based best practices, students deserve to have optimal educational systems, and schools deserve to be trained in how best to educate their students.  I plan on pursuing these tasks with everything I have going forward.