True Formative Assessment leads to True Education

In my first formative assessment I came up with a unique idea for an end of unit assessment, which I believe is unique, individualized and highly inquiry based.  That being said I have taken a shift in my planning for my formative assessment away from a specialized assessment for a specific unit, and rather towards … Continue reading True Formative Assessment leads to True Education

Formative Assessment Checklist 2.0

Revisiting the Formative Assessment Checklist this week has given me a chance to reflect on some of my work.  I added some content and details to some of my questions, and actually ended up changing one of my questions to focus on feedback, and a more holistic understanding/approach to formative assessments.  You can find my … Continue reading Formative Assessment Checklist 2.0

Three Things I Believe about Assessment

As the school year comes to a start I am thinking about everyones favorite topic... ASSESSMENTS... Assessments are often misunderstood, and therefore hated by all parties involved.  Students hate taking assessments  because of high stress and feeling assessments are unfair, teachers feel the need to "teach to the test" as they are often assessed by … Continue reading Three Things I Believe about Assessment