The Evolution of Goals, an Educators Perspective

August of 2017 I entered my Master’s, and at the time I had some goals that defined me and the pathway I was travelling on.  While reflecting on this goal I can see how it has shaped me to this point, and the evolution that has occurred in me is reflected in my new, current goals.

To start I had the goal of creating a multi-year program and curriculum related to life sciences and physical education.  This goal was broad and encompassing, with the intent of developing a system that pursued deep learning and growth applicable across multiple settings and varying types of students.  This program would link with universities and incorporate technologies to create a holistic and complete 21st century educational system.

Reflecting on these goals I see how it guided me academically, as well as in my practice and career.   During my past two years I have explored this form of learning, both academically and my practical experience as an educator.  I established a comprehensive curriculum and program that pursued deep learning and growth for all students. I gained experience in multiple settings (globally, systematically and pedagogically).

These experiences have led to an evolution.  Similar to how a species evolves into a similar, but different new species, my goals have undergone an evolution into a new set of goals.  The experiences I have had established a desire to expand beyond a confined curriculum or subject. I no longer confine my goals to life sciences, or one curriculum, but rather to exploring, and researching evidence-based best practice pedagogy strategies and tools for educators in many settings and subjects.  Exploring how to improve learning in my practice has shown me the impact this has on students learning and motivation towards learning. As an educator seeing this change drives you to expand the impact beyond a controlled sample into all of education. Additionally, exploring the academic base of knowledge that exists surrounding learning and education drives me as an educator to expand the wealth of knowledge in content and in application in practices of educators worldwide.  

Reflecting on these evolution’s I see them as a growth in my confidence as an educator to move beyond my personal practice and into the global practice of knowledge.  Additionally, I see my evolution beyond a locally minded educator and into a globally minded educator who believes that with the application of evidence-based strategies and tools, global experience, and ever evolving and improving technologies the world of education could advance well beyond its current position.

Education is not an isolated event that acts upon a learner under controlled conditions, but rather education is happening constant and everywhere.  With this understanding educators must strive to optimize the circumstances surrounding the educational systems they have an impact on, and educational leaders must work hard towards creating an understanding of how these optimizations can occur.  I view myself as both an educator and an educational leader. That is my evolution, although evolution never ends, so this is not the end, but just a step along the way.