MSU Annotated Transcript

Below is a brief transcript of the courses I completed during my time doing MSU MAET program. *CEP means Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Special Education.

Fall 2017

CEP 810: Teaching Understanding With Technology

Instructor: Mary Wever & Nicole Zumpano

Summary: The first course I took from my MAET program was to explore technology and it’s connections with learning and understanding.   In this course I got the chance to begin creating a personal theory of learning, begin a blog, and start to adapt my understanding of learning, both for my students but also as an educator.  I started making digital tools like videos, networked learning projects and started exploring how to use social media for better educational purposes.  This course was a great introduction into what the program would be going forward.

CEP 811: Adapting Innovative Technology to Education

Instructor: Melissa White

Summary: Moving on from the first course I entered CEP 811, which transitioned into the maker world, and repurposing technologies.  This class explored how to use technologies, or other tools, to fit specific needs you have.  I explored the use of MakeyMakey as a tool that can be employed to improve learning and engagement within the class.  Also in this class I explored redesigning learning environments to improve the classroom.  Finally I created an infographic that compared traditional ed versus maker ed highlighting the key differences. Click here to see this.

Spring 2018

CEP 812: Applying Educational Technology to Practice

Instructor: Alison Keller & Andrew Steinman

Summary: My second semester started with a course on Applying Educational Technology to teaching, and for this class I explored various types of challenging questions.  Throughout the course I explored what ill and wicked questions were, questions without a direct or simple answer, and explored various ways to approach these in practice.  I created a method of approaching English language learner students in anatomy classes by using technology, I investigated how an individual’s “information diet” can influence them, and then I explored a wicked problem.  The wicked problem that I explored with a partner was rethinking education, which you can find more information about here. Click here to see this.

CEP 817: Learning Technology Through Design

Instructor: Carmen Richardson, & Bret Staudt Willet

Summary: CEP 817 was about design and how design relates to education.  We explored the Stanford Model of Design Thinking and exploring how we can directly apply this to our educational position.  I went through the phases of Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test a design idea I had for my practice.  Throughout this course I designed a student mentorship program for my school.  This was a great process of learning the details, benefits, and purposes of each step in the design process and forcing me to really experience and explore each of these steps, rather than skipping or rushing through some of them.

Fall 2018

CEP 800: Learning in School and Other Settings

Instructor: Diana Brandon & Swati Mehta

Summary: In this course I explored the many ways that learning can happen and does happen within the world.  We explored the research and evidence behind learning in different situations and explored how we could apply this to education.  Some of the key areas we explored included the difference between novice and experts in learning, the power of habits, different forms of learning, and different tools that can assist in learning. 

CEP 813: Electronic Assessment

Instructor: Collin Gallagher

Summary: In this course we explored various types of assessment, their place in education, ways to improve them, and designed them.  I designed a checklist to use when designing formative assessments which you can see here, designed a theoretical outline for assessment which you can see here, and created the start of a digital game which you can see here.  One of the most important aspects of this class was the exploration of the differences between assessment for learning, assessment as learning and assessment of learning.  This gave me the opportunity to really explore my understandings of learning, and improve my ability to utilize assessment for true learning.

CEP 822: Approaches to Education Research

Instructor: Michael Lachney

Summary: Approaches to Education Research was a course that I took that introduced and conducted Action research within my teaching practice.  I learned about the use of action research, which is research within practice, and how it is beneficial for improving a variety of issues such as teaching and education.  I then created an action research about employing inquiry based curriculum into my class and comparing the outcomes, based on standardized assessments, to traditional teaching.  This required many different tasks including literature review of the topic, setting up and designing an experiment, conducting the experiment, collecting data and analyzing.

Spring 2019

CEP 807: Capstone Education Technology

Instructor: Matthew Koehler & Aric Gaunt

Summary: The final course of the program was designed to compile all of the work completed throughout the entire MAET program into one place, in order to have one profile of work.  I went through my previously created website and edited it, modified it, and improved it to be better designed, and showcase who I am as an educator and what I accomplished throughout my time in my MSU masters.  This was a great course that had me reflect and explore all of the various aspects of who I am as an educator, my growth over the past year and a half, my plans for the future, and all of the work I have completed.

CEP 815: Technology and Leadership

Instructor: Kyle Shack & Michael Lachney

Summary: Technology and Leadership was a course that I found very important and pertinent to me as an educator, since it explored the various types of leadership, including exploring our won leadership styles, or how different styles would look in specific circumstances.  Additionally, we explored how technology and education combine, from the perspective of an ed tech leader position, and practice/explored many different circumstances involving this intersection to grow as leaders.  Within this course I completed a variety of scenarios where I was put into situations and required to see how I would respond to it, and then explore that response and what it means about me as a leader, or how to improve my leadership skills.

CEP 820: Teaching Students Online

Instructor: Anne Heintz

Summary: This course was an exciting, and practical course where I was able to learn about designing online learning opportunities for students, and then putting this to practice.  I learned about a variety of methods of online learning that can be used, what the affordances and barriers each has, and various methods of creating online learning.  I then created an online Independent Inquiry project course that has multiple lessons and guides students through conducting an independent inquiry project to explore mathematics in their personal world.